The Jewellery Queen

I’m excited to be bringing something brand new to all people who love jewellery!

The Jewellery Queen is pretty particular when it comes to jewellery, but she has made a range that does feminine without being fussy. The Jewellery Queen, an Australian jewellery designer who uses natural stones and materials from around the world to create stunning pieces.

the jewellery queen
by Pepr

The Salt Range is a black and white series, with real gem stones and is elegant with a warm atmosphere and can be worn at all occasions. The Salt Range can be mysterious, a noble style, or arrogant, often women like to wear this series at dinner, it is a memorable style.



the jewellery queen
by Pepr

The Spice Range combines colored gem stones with pure beauty, it is exquisite concise work most mature women can wear with casual wear or may enhance a dress for all occasions.




the jewellery queen
Pepr Jewellery

The Pepr Range is a unisex range made from stainless steel on genuine leather. This is a popular collection with the young and the young at heart. This is a stylish collection that says elegance and glamour in a simple way.


“It does seem as though there is a lot to know about jewellery in order to make a wise purchase, but The Jewellery Queen gives you the opportunity to make a value purchase.”

“Women around the world wear beautiful fine jewellery.” “They wear lovely statement pieces, but they don’t over-accessorise, rather allowing the space for the jewellery pieces to be shown in a tasteful way.”

It’s a unique opportunity to learn from The Jewellery Queen, a women who buys jewellery, wears jewellery, designs and makes jewellery.

Here are some questions asked about how The Jewellery Queen got into designing and making her own unique style of jewellery…

How did you get into jewellery making and how long have you been doing it for?

I have been designing jewellery for 25 years. I was not satisfied with the jewellery that was around at the time so I came up with my own range.

What are your favorite jewellery projects to create and why?

I like to create up to the minute on-trend pieces, using as much colour and texture as I can.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I draw my inspiration from the catwalk, glossy magazines, and the excitement of seeing new beads and components to play with.

What do you think are the hot trends in jewellery making right now?

Large and chunky is on the fashion front, along with a definite 70′s retro feel. Sterling silver and gold pieces are making a welcome return.